Opening of Jubilee Holy Door Dec 20, 2015

Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, Archbishop of Winnipeg designated Bishop Velychkovsky Martyr Shrine/St Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church to have a Holy Door for the Jubilee Year of Mercy. On December 20, the Metropolitan solemnly opened the Holy Door in St. Joseph’s Church blessing the door and the people with holy water. Pilgrims are invited to enter through this Holy Door throughout this coming year to receive and experience the Father’s great mercy.

Presentation for Prison Chaplains in Kyiv Nov 10, 2015

Prison Chaplains in Ukraine gathered at the Patriarchal Sobor of Resurrection in Kyiv, Ukraine for a day of renewal. As part of this day, Oleh and Tania Chekharivsky, our shrine promoters in Ukraine, gave a power-point presentation on the life of Blessed Vasyl who was proclaimed Patron of Prison Ministry in 2014 by Patriarch Sviatoslav.

Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay – July 26, 2015

The faithful from the Catholic Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay along with their Bishop Anthony Krotki, OMI made a pilgrimage to the Shrine on Sunday July 26, 2015. Approximately 25 Inuit from as far as North Baffin Island, Nunavut spent time visiting the museum, hearing the story of a martyr who shared in their hardships when he was imprisoned in Vorkuta, north of the Artic Circle.  They prayed and sang hymns in their native language (Inuktitut) before  the holy relics of Blessed Vasyl.